FIFA World Cup Sponsored by Invest in These Three Cryptos Before the Boom, Ethereum, Algorand and Big Eyes Coin

FIFA World Cup Sponsored by Invest in These Three Cryptos Before the Boom, Ethereum, Algorand and Big Eyes Coin

There are enormous amounts of football fans eagerly waiting for the 2022 FIFA Football Worl Cup that starts in late November. Football fans are one of the reasons for the success of the sport. Apart from the fun nature of the sport, most football fans appreciate the camaraderie and enjoy watching their favourite teams compete against each other.

Football Is One of the Most Popular Sports Worldwide.

In 2018 the Fifa World Cup was hosted in Russia, and the final had a massive 1.1 billion viewers and became one of the most-watched competitions in the world. To put this into perspective, 14.46% of the world’s population tuned in to watch the final. This figure only applies to the final. The whole competition was viewed by 3.572 billion people globally, according to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

If these figures are correct, it implies that 46.98% of the world’s population at the time watched some of the competition. Almost half of the world’s population tuned in. Everyone watching would have been exposed to the sponsors of the event.

This year’s event is to be sponsored by This will boost crypto everywhere, and research shows that consumers need to be exposed to an ad 7-8 times before it properly settles in. As is a cryptocurrency exchange, many cryptocurrencies will benefit from this sponsorship which is why you should invest in, Algorand (ALGO), Ethereum (ETH) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) before they blow up.

Algorand Is FIFA’s Choice Blockchain for Its NFT Collection

The 2022 World Cup is to be hosted in Qatar. FIFA+ Collect is a platform introduced in September 2022 that offers “cheap, inclusive, and accessible” NFTs that incorporate famous soccer moments, works of art, and imagery.

Algorand is a blockchain network that was created in 2019. It aims to accelerate transaction speeds and reduce the time it takes for transactions to be deemed final on the network. The network will host FIFA’s NFTs. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that act as proof of ownership and are created on blockchain networks.

By incorporating Algorand’s blockchain, FIFA+ Collect may give Algorand’s native token, ALGO, a big push up the charts when the tournament begins.

Ethereum to Be Boosted Back Up With the Help of Football

Ethereum is one of the most extensive blockchain networks in the world, second only to crypto giant Bitcoin. The network was created in 2015, and the network and its native Ether (ETH) token have done incredibly well.

Ethereum’s blockchain is a lot more versatile and buildable than the Bitcoin blockchain. Many different crypto tokens are built upon the Ethereum blockchain. They are called ERC-20 tokens. Alongside crypto, many NFTs are also built upon the network as it is considered one of the safest blockchain networks in crypto.

However, it has seen a slight fall after the crypto crash on the 8th of November, 2022. It will benefit highly from and crypto as a whole being in the limelight this world cup.

Big Eyes Coin: Could Take Over the Top Meme Coin Spot.

Big Eyes Coin is a fun new meme coin. It is currently in the sixth stage of its pre-sale and has raised a massive $9.83 million. This number is only set to go up, and the coin is expected to reach at least $10 million soon. The adorable cryptocurrency has an anime-styled cat mascot.

The coin is chasing Dogecoin’s top spot with many new features. As an ERC-20 token, it has all the benefits of Ethereum’s blockchain with its algorithm’s added security. Big Eyes Coin is also launching its NFT collection, the NFT Sushi Crew. These NFTs will provide exclusive access to social events and spread awareness of climate change and related issues.

As it is a pre-sale crypto, it wasn’t affected by the crypto crash and is fresh and ready to go. The sponsorship will hopefully launch it above Dogecoin as a less saturated crypto with much potential.

Use this bonus code for extra BIG tokens: BIGE819

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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