Susumi Unveils Innovative $950M DeFi Fund For Crowdfunding

Susumi Unveils Innovative $950M DeFi Fund For Crowdfunding

Susumi Logo

Susumi Logo

The Susumi Smart Contract is a $950M Fund created with 95 Billion $SUSU Tokens and is available to help anybody to raise funds in stablecoins easily.

The best way to raise money with Crypto is with Susumi. Our process is simple and straight forward just like our slogan says: You Give. You get. Simple”

— – Sam Igwe, CEO Susumi Capital

CHARLESTOWN, ST. KITTS & NEVIS, November 17, 2022 / — The Susumi crowdfunding platform has deployed a perpetual fund of $950M in Susumi Coins through its decentralized Web3 App to guarantee easy access to funding for individuals using the Binance USD ($BUSD) Token.

The App is one out of a suite of Decentralised Finance solutions provided by Susumi Capital to help individuals and communities, particularly in underdeveloped regions of the world.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a method of executing financial transactions autonomously under the governance of a software program rather than a central administrative or management entity. DeFI has the potential to deliver a universal financial solution to unbanked and underbanked individuals globally.

However, the application of this technology has been limited by the complexity of its use cases such as yield-farming, liquid-staking, and decentralized exchanges, and also the not-so-easy-to-use interfaces of these applications.

Susumi breaks this mould by delivering a relevant use-case to translate cryptocurrency value directly into the everyday lives of its users in a simple and uncomplicated process.

Explaining the Susumi vision, Sam Igwe, CEO of Susumi Capital said:

“We have observed that the complexity of most DeFi applications and protocols is beyond the grasp of those consumers who stand to benefit most from the disintermediation that should help them receive financial services easily.”

“People need blockchain technology to be relevant to their day-to-day lives. We have developed Susumi to act as a catalyst for the financial transformation of individuals. We are doing this with DeFi through the mechanism of a perpetual fund encoded in a Smart Contract using our own native token, the Susumi Coin ($SUSU) to give people the ability to raise the funds they need from others in a fair and reciprocal manner.”

Crowdfunding is universal, and in many cases, people rely on it to meet lifestyle challenges, especially when access to institutional credit is unavailable.

How Susumi Crowdfunding works:

A user simply has to register and activate a wallet on the Susumi App and fund their wallet with Binance USD Tokens ($BUSD).

The user then has to find an active crowdfunding campaign (a Susu Fund) on the platform and donate some $BUSD to that campaign.

When that Susu Fund is fully funded, the donors will receive a reward in $SUSU equivalent in value to the amount of their $BUSD donations.

The $SUSU reward tokens can then be staked by the Donor as an activation fee to create another Susu Fund of their own to receive $BUSD from other Donors.

Alternatively, the $SUSU received may be held by the donor as a store of value and after a given vesting period may be withdrawn, and then converted on the open market to $BUSD or other currencies of choice.

Essentially, Susumi incentivizes donors by giving 100% of their donations back to them in $SUSU.

Benefits of Susumi

95 Billion Susumi Coins have been deposited in the Susumi Smart Contract to create a perpetual fund that guarantees that donors to a crowdfunding campaign will receive value equivalent to the donations they make.

Susumi provides an opportunity for anyone to create a Susu Fund and raise 11 times the amount they have donated to someone else.

Community projects, businesses, and charity organizations can take advantage of Susumi to raise the money needed for their ventures and interventions.

The $SUSU Token distribution model insulates $SUSU from market volatility irrespective of the state of the global crypto market.

The Susumi Tokenomics means that the impact of market volatility on the value of the Token is minimized.

The price or rate of conversion between the $SUSU and $BUSD is determined by an algorithm in the Smart Contract which maintains the value of the $SUSU Tokens in the Smart Contract at $950 Million in $BUSD at all times.

The Susumi crowdfunding process involves the following:

Activation and use of a Susumi Wallet

Use of $SUSU tokens to activate a Susu Fund

Obtain by donating $BUSD to active Susu Funds.

The $BUSD donated into a Susu Fund is paid directly to the Wallet of the Fund Creator and can be withdrawn immediately.


Susumi Coin and the Susumi App are deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The Token Smart Contract has been fully audited by world-class DeFi and cryptocurrency security firms to ensure the security of the process and that there are no loopholes that will endanger investors and members of the community.


We encourage you to get in early to take advantage of the low conversion of $SUSU to $BUSD now. Donating to active campaigns and receiving $SUSU Coins in return is a unique and better way of obtaining Tokens than buying from an exchange.

This model means you can help fund another user’s needs whilst obtaining value for your donation instantly.

And additionally, you could create a fund and receive from it much more than what you originally donated.

“The best way to raise money with Crypto is with Susumi. Our process is simple and straight forward just like our slogan says: ‘You Give. You get. Simple”

We welcome you to become a Susuist as you take advantage of this unique opportunity in the Susumi Community.

Sam Igwe
Susumi Capital
email us here

Susumi Decentralised Crowdfunding App Overview


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