Sustainable Crypto IMPT Presale Hits $13m

Sustainable Crypto IMPT Presale Hits $13m

IMPT has attracted numerous investors to its environmentally-friendly crypto project and since its early October launch has already raised more than $13 million.

This presale has done tremendously well considering the wider crypto bear market and chaos following the collapse of FTX – and one of the key reasons investors are drawn to this project is because of its use case.

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What is IMPT?

IMPT offers an affordable and effective mechanism to enable people to invest in our planet and help fight climate change. 

It has connected individuals and businesses that want to make a positive contribution to the environment by rewarding both parties.

This project has partnered with thousands of major retail brands and will reward investors with IMPT tokens for shopping with them – the partners then make a contribution to environmentally-conscious causes to help combat climate change, with the likes of Samsung, Microsoft and LEGO on board. 

Although monetary contributions make a difference, IMPT has enabled individuals and businesses to be directly involved in making the planet greener. 

The platform has also implemented a social feature that helps individuals offset their carbon footprint and track their impact on the environment.

The voluntary carbon market is worth around $2 billion annually but is set for exponential growth in the next decade, with Bloomberg estimating it will be worth up to $100 billion in 2030.

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IMPT Rewards

The loyalty program rewards individuals with points for making positive contributions to the environment. 

At the core of the platform are carbon credits — permits representing carbon emissions removed from the atmosphere, with one credit equal to one ton of carbon dioxide.

It’s regarded as a mechanism for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and individuals buying carbon credits do so to make up for carbon emissions generated from delivery vehicles, travel and industrial production.

IMPT provides higher points to individuals who burn their carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. Businesses that integrate IMPT’s platform into their operations are also rewarded.


If investors haven’t earned IMPT tokens, they can also buy them and then convert them into carbon credits. 

Investors who don’t burn their carbon credits can mint them into NFTs and hold them as investments or sell them. 

Burned carbon credit NFTs will return a different NFT that also holds value and can be sold or held.

By utilizing NFT and blockchain technology, IMPT will also reduce fraud in the carbon credit market, with an immutable and transparent ledger meaning fraudulent credits cannot be created and two companies cannot claim use of the same credit.

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IMPT Presale

IMPT has proven to be one of the best new cryptos to invest in considering its use cases and intrinsic value. Fortunately for investors, they can still get in on early-round fundraising and take advantage of this appreciating asset.

The first stage of the presale sold out four weeks ahead of schedule, raising more than $11 million, after offering tokens at $0.018. 

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The ongoing second stage enables investors to buy IMPT tokens at $0.023, while IMPT will increase the coin’s value to $0.028 in the third stage of the presale – a 22% increase from the current price and 55% from stage 1.

Now’s the time to buy IMPT tokens while they’re still affordable and before they potentially explode once listed on exchanges.

Not only is IMPT among the top cryptos under $1 to buy, but investing in it now means standing a chance of winning $100,000 in tokens. To enter the competition, investors need to own at least $100 of IMPT tokens on the day of the draw.

So far, IMPT’s token giveaway has more than 60,000 entries. Investors can multiply their entries by doing specific social media tasks – tweeting about IMPT earns investors an additional 10 entries. Joining the Discord group also provides an additional 10 entries. 

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How to Buy IMPT 

We’ve simplified the process of purchasing IMPT tokens by providing a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Download Crypto Wallet

Investors need to own a crypto wallet that supports an ERC-20 token to participate in this presale. Many crypto wallets enable this functionality, but MetaMask is the most popular option.

Download the MetaMask browser extension or mobile app – the setup process is simple, requiring the investors to follow the onscreen instructions. 

Investors should note the wallet’s recovery code and store it in a safe place to avoid losing the assets in the wallet if it gets lost.

Step 2: Buy ETH/USDT

Top buy IMPT tokens, investors need to own Ethereum (ETH) or USDT (Tether). The two most accessible options to buy Ethereum are via a regulated broker such as eToro or from IMPT’s website by using a debit/credit card via Transak. 

The recommended minimum amount to buy Ethereum is $30. That’ll ensure investors have enough to buy IMPT and cover the gas (transaction) fees.

Investors who buy ETH or USDT from a broker or an exchange need to set their crypto wallet to the Ethereum network and then withdraw the tokens into their wallets.

Step 3: Connect Wallet

Visit IMPT’s website after purchasing ETH or USDT. Click ‘Connect Wallet’, select Metamask, and then confirm the connection from the wallet.

Step 4: Buy IMPT Tokens

The second last step is to buy the tokens. That requires an investor to click ‘Convert ETH’ or Convert ‘USDT’ for IMPT tokens. Investors should input the amount of IMPT tokens they wish to buy.

Step 5: Collect IMPT Tokens

The tokens will become available only after the presale ends. Investors need to revisit the website then and click ‘Claim’.

A token-generation event (TGE) has made it convenient for investors to take possession of their tokens – presale tokens will have no vesting period.

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