The FTX Hack Puzzle Is Being Solved Online, Is The MasterMind Sam Bankman-Fried ?

The FTX Hack Puzzle Is Being Solved Online, Is The MasterMind Sam Bankman-Fried ?

Investigators from all over the world are still perplexed by the FTX heist that took place just hours before Sam Bankman-Fried voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

However, FTX users have not received a guarantee that they will receive their money back, and they will probably continue to wait for years.

The recovery of FTX funds, according to some market analysts, could take decades. But who is the hacker behind the heist?

In a recent tweet, an on-chain data researcher identified the address as 0xd275e5cb559d6dc236a5f8002a5f0b4c8e610701. According to the report, a former FTX worker who wishes to remain anonymous reveals that oxd275 undoubtedly has some relation to the FTX hacker.

Additionally, lookonchain mentioned the suspicious address 0xd275 in another tweet. On November 21, this address transferred $USDC from #Aave to the exchanges, and 20 minutes later, FTX hackers dumped 15,000 $ETH for renBTC.

Hacker is moving funds constantly

According to data from Etherscan, the alleged hacker responsible for the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars from the insolvent cryptocurrency exchange FTX is transfering the money between different wallets in an effort to avoid detection.

A data analytics and blockchain security company named PerkShield Inc. stated that an FTX miner had transferred 180,000 ETH, or around $200 million, to another account. On-chain data shows that the FTX hacker sent the stolen money in transfers of 15,000 ETH each.

While some cryptocurrency projects, like Tether (USDT), continue to restrict some assets, the FTX hacker is near to liquidating the rest of the coins.

However, a recent Bloomberg report claims that the FTX crisis might have been avoided months in advance.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are reportedly looking into the FTX exchange months before it collapsed.

Nevertheless, because of Bankman- Fried’s donations, which total $40 million in 2022, FTX and its companies have many connections in the political class.


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